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CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Trio
Back in the olden days, if you wanted a lighting effect that created a beam, or a wash, or a moonflower-style effect you’d really need to buy three different products. Thankfully advances in modern technology mean that now you just have to buy ONE!

The Intimidator Trio is an innovative product that sits amongst the rest of the popular Intimidator moving head line from CHAUVET DJ. It’s a unique product in that it can change from a beam to a wash within seconds thanks to its motorised zoom function. What’s more, moments later it can become a moonflower-style effect by activating its rotating honeycomb feature. When I first saw this, I immediately likened it to the noisy end of a Gatling gun! But, in reality, it runs quietly and its effect really looks quite cool with an interesting projected effect zooming in and out.

Inside the unit you will find six 21W quad-colour RGBW LEDs, so it’s an immensely bright fixture with awesome colour mixing possibilities. Zoom angles range from 7 to 53 degrees, so you can get a really tight beam useful for spotlighting wedding cakes on the dance-floor or a vibrant wash for lighting up the room. The six LEDs on the face of the Intimidator Trio are also zoned in pairs, so you can create some really funky visual effects by chasing between them in different colours.

The main unique feature of the Trio is, of course, its ability to switch from a beam, to a wash, to a moonflower effect within seconds and I have to say it works really well. The effect from the rotating honeycomb is quite cool and will add a really interesting element to your lightshow. If you utilise the zoning of the LEDs together with the rotation the resulting effect through haze is simply stunning and certainly unlike anything else out there at the moment.

As it’s a moving head, you get the usual range of pan and tilt movements and the somewhat small base houses a full-colour menu display on the front. This makes it easy and intuitive to cycle through the many different menus and modes offered by the Intimidator Trio. On the back you’ll find 3-pin DMX input and output connections and IEC power input and output sockets also. For those of you with truss, you can attach the supplied bracket so you can hang the Trio upside down and, if you have podiums/totems, there’s a very useful ‘totem mode’ which flips the movement and forces the Trio to focus its beams forward on to the dance-floor.
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