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Liteconsole LED Strips
There’s no denying the importance of the DJ booth at the centre of the mobile jock’s setup, but over the years the booth has become something more than just a practicality, acting, for many DJs, as an eye-catching extra feature. Over recent years a popular choice of booth among mobile DJs has become the LiteConsole, which is a portable unit that is also fully customisable and brand-able. Now, LiteConsole has announced the release of a new LED Strips package, designed to fit the popular XPRS console and offering LiteConsole owners a new way to add eye-candy to their booth…

At Pro Mobile we use our LiteConsole for a wide range of events, including the Pro Mobile Conference and on our stand at the annual BPM show. Adorned with our logo and website, it’s not only a practical part of our setup but a great source of brand exposure too. No doubt you may use your booth to advertise your mobile DJ services too, but what about using your booth as an extra lighting feature for your setup?

Adding to its range of products LiteConsole is now giving us a new way to make our mobile setups stand out. The soon to be released multi-colour LED Strips package, manufactured in partnership with lighting brand Abstract, is essentially a product made for a product. The strips are designed to clip onto your XPRS console allowing you to ‘pimp’ your DJ booth, without too much effort or handiwork required. In order to test out these new LED Strips, we got our XPRS console set up in the office, turned out the lights and found out what they could do!

While setting them up, it became clear that these strips would be no problem to transport and store; they’re lightweight - so are the control unit and power supply - and the whole package fits into a slim carry case. In the pack we get four LED strips, two of which are slightly longer, providing us with two that run vertically down the side of the console and two that are positioned horizontally across the top/bottom bars. The four strips connect to the compact control unit via a four-way split lead with 4-pin connectors. A power adaptor is also included, while the unit is also fitted with 3-pin XLR DMX input and output sockets.

Each LED Strip is fitted with two circular metal clips, coated with rubber for added grip, which slot securely onto the XPRS’s poles. One of the strips actually has these clips positioned differently, which allows it to be used along the top bar despite the XPRS’s use of an overhanging metal facade (ours has the Pro Mobile website address on it).

Whether you choose to use all four strips, or just want to light two or three sections of your booth, it’s up to you – there are plenty of options depending on what you think looks most effective. Using all four LED Strips, we found the clips jostling for space, especially in the corners, but once they were all in place the fit was nice and snug, ensuring a professional-looking LED-lit frame for the LiteConsole.
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 74, Pages 88-90.


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