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dB Technologies DVA Mini
When our business, Dancefloor Couture, began taking more (and bigger) bookings, Robin Kershaw and I started looking for the sound system to match. We soon realised that it’s all well and good going out and buying ‘big stage’ technology if you have a means of transporting it, but that many of the more powerful systems just aren’t suitable for mobile applications. So, when I saw the dB Technologies DVA Mini system in action at this year’s Pro Mobile Conference, I was not only pleasantly surprised but impressed too…

The DVA Mini is a compact array system, which offers the power and flexibility of the array-style PA used on big tours and productions, but in a much more compact form. This system sits between the large ‘bins and tops’ rigs that many of us use and large-scale concert PA. This makes it ideal for corporate and other big mobile gigs in very large function rooms.

At the heart of the DVA Mini range is the M2M/M2S, a 2-way active line array module, consisting of two top boxes – one containing the amplifier module (M2M) and one slave unit (M2S) – which link together to form a twin array element that offers high-output audio and crisp, clear sound reproduction. These two boxes are linked by a 4-pin connector and the M2M is also provided with XLR and Powercon Link connections to allow multiple pairs of M2M/M2S boxes to be joined to create a larger overall system.

Now, in terms of mid-range coverage, quality sound reproduction is enabled by two 6.5” neodymium woofers and efficiency is helped by a custom dual-phase plug. While at the top end, the sound is clear, thanks to the two 1” drivers, which have been finely tuned for the DVA M2 custom-designed array horns. Amplification is provided by two high-efficiency 200W DIGIPRO G3 class-D modules, complete with digital pre-amp with DSP and a switch-mode power supply.

Completing the puzzle and adding more power to the system, the DVA Mini MS12 subwoofer has been designed to fit with the M2M/M2S array modules, letting us add low-end punch from a single 12” woofer powered by a 700W amplifier. Furthermore, because the MS12 is flyable we can easily hang the complete system, bass bins included, for those bigger events.

If you really want to take the low-end up another level, there is also the option of incorporating any of dB Technologies’ other DVA subwoofers, whether 12”, 15” or 18”. Because we were taking on outdoor events that needed the extra low-end power, I went with the S30N. Featuring a dual 18” sub-pairing in a bass-reflex housing, the S30N offers an impressive 3000W RMS to pack a muscular ultra-low-frequency punch, making it ideal for larger-scale events that require that added bass kick. Though not always needed, it’s just another option from dB Technologies that could prove useful if you’re venturing into new areas, such as large corporate or outdoor events.

At the time I first spotted the DVA Mini series, this high-power audio was exactly what I needed for the bigger venues that Dancefloor Couture was being booked for. However, we also needed a system that was scalable, able to adapt to many different types of bookings, from the bigger corporate events to our usual smaller-scale weddings and private parties. What’s more, it was also important that the speakers could be easily transported in the company van or potentially even the boot of a car.

Luckily, making the DVA Mini series an extremely adaptable system, dB Technologies designed both the M2M/M2S and MS12 to offer this big sound from a small footprint. The system is unbelievably lightweight for the power it delivers, with the top boxes weighing 7.6kg (M2M) and 7.1kg (M2S) and the bass bin coming in at 26kg. Compact and lightweight, my current DVA Mini setup (four pairs of tops and four bass bins) boasts 4400W RMS of power – there aren’t many systems of that size you can fit in the car alongside the wife and two kids! Powerful yet compact, surely that’s a mobile DJ’s dream?

While this mobility is part of what makes the DVA MINI system so versatile, another element is its scalability when it comes to playing larger, or smaller, venues. For a start, all of the speakers (both bins and tops) can slot together using a simple variable-angle quick-locking system and power-link to create a bigger system. Secondly, the system can then be either ground-stacked or hung, making it adaptable to big or small events.
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