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REVIEWED: Ibiza Light Quad6FX
By Ryan Lockett.
Ibiza Light QUAD6FX "Spider" light effect is a unique lighting effect that features 6 x 10W long-lasting RGBW 4 in 1 LEDs at a very low price. The two rows of three lights allow for a brilliant and vibrant light display while the electronic dimmer gives you full control over the brightness of the lights.

The effect also features a number of pre-set show modes as well as a standalone mode and built-in sound-controlled programs. Alternatively, there are two DMX channels that can be used for self-programmable light shows.

Lighting for the entertainment industry is such a huge market. There are so many different types of event suppliers, and all are actively looking for their next upgrade. And there’s a lot to consider when it comes to purchasing any new fixture. Your budget, the type of effect you want, the purpose you need it for, the brands you know and trust, control options, the light source – these are just some of the factors you need to consider when browsing new effects.

As lighting technology progresses, manufacturers are utilising new control protocols, and circuit and assembly designs, whilst both halogen lamps and LED technology constantly evolve. These developments ensure a steady supply of new releases from all manufacturers, for anyone from solo DJ operators to large-scale event production companies. The advancement of cheaper and more effective technology has resulted in the improvement of lower-priced effects, revolutionising what we can achieve at low cost.

Cue Ibiza Light, a brand introduced to the UK by Lotronic and a partner of Ibiza Sound. Together, the Ibiza and Lotronic brands provide a good range of lighting and audio products at extremely affordable price points. Lotronic also distribute brands such as AFX Light, BST, Party Light and Sound, and LTC Audio. With the Ibiza brand, they are cornering the market with very effective but affordable lighting – hence this review for one of their more popular ‘spider’ effect lights, the QUAD6-FX.

Straight off the bat, the product arrived packaged in an extremely attractive box, which still catches my eye every time I walk past it. This will serve as a positive sales feature when the QUAD6-FX appears on shelves in amongst a multitude of other fixtures. Ibiza Light have also been responsible with their internal packaging, using minimal plastic packaging without compromising the safety of the fixture whilst in transit. The power cable provided is a Euro IEC cable, an adapter is included in the box. Also included is a mounting bracket that enables you to secure the fixture to your lighting rig.

Lighting Control

On the back of the fixture you’ll find both 3-pin DMX in and out, and a fused IEC input. Do keep in mind that these lights don’t have an IEC pass through. The rear of the base also contains a fan, control boards and panning yoke. The sides of the panning arm are made of plastic whilst the main unit is in a metal case. There are good reasons to opt for a plastic cover: it reduces the weight the motor needs to move, especially while the unit is operating upside down or vertically, and it reduces wear on the motor whilst operating at maximum speed. Plastic is also better for servicing moving parts; the cover can easily pop off, allowing the clips and screws to be removed in order to access the wiring, belts and motors.

The LCD display and four control buttons on the front of the unit ensure easy access to the range of DMX, manual control, and testing programs built into the unit. DMX control includes 11- and 15-channel modes, allowing you to get creative. There are 16 built-in programs as well as master/slave function for linking fixtures. Each show mode can be run in sound-to-light mode, utilising the on-board microphone, and you can adjust the sensitivity settings within the menu.

Each of the tilt motors can be independently reversed, along with the pan motor, from the menu or through your DMX software. Another nifty feature is the ability to turn off the LCD display whilst the menu is inactive and even flip it upside down for overhead mounting – features that are not usually included in units at this price point. The last of the menu functions are auto test and a reset function. The auto test cycles allow control over each individual attribute, including movement checking and LED testing, which is extremely useful for servicing and diagnostics. The reset feature simply takes the unit back to its re-boot status.

Lighting Effects

The QUAD6-FX features two battens, capable of 205 degrees of tilt, and each containing three 10W RGBW LED CREE lights, which are focused to a very narrow 4-degree beam thanks to the 45mm lenses. Both battens share the same RGBW channel data in the standard 11-channel DMX mode, however switching this to 15-channel control enables independent control, giving you even more flexibility. Combined with the electronic 8-bit dimming and an impressive strobe rate, you have yourself a high-energy light show from just one fixture! Not only are the colour LEDs bright and vibrant but they’re also rated for over 50,000 hours.

With an impressive range of control options and an array of LEDs slicing through haze like butter, it’s hard to believe that the QUAD6-FX is so compact. Each batten boasts a length of just 140mm in a fixture standing 120mm tall, 225mm wide and just 3.4kg heavy. These dimensions alone reiterate the point of providing a powerful product for the price point. You can easily transport two units in an optional padded carry case along with all fittings and cables. Power wise, one light will only draw a maximum of 80W.

To conclude, Ibiza Light has really hit the mark with their ‘spider’ effect moving head. As many setups are downscaling, the requirement for large effects in a small footprint has steadily increased and the QUAD6-FX has certainly added strong competition to the market.

Ibiza Light also have a large product catalogue with a multitude of effects fit to satisfy the requirements of most DJs, karaoke artists and musicians, and are widely available across the UK, so you’re never too far from your nearest Ibiza retailer.

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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 106, Pages 88-89.
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£25.00 (INC P&P)