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REVIEWED: Humpter Move Booth
20 seconds, that’s all you need said Monocor’s rep Andy as he dropped off the Humpter MOVE Booth for me to review…. And he was right. Humpter have built the booth that has to win any booth -building speed competition!

The manufacturer, based in Poland and distributed here in the UK by Monacor, are well known for their distinctive style of booths – the Humpter Basic, the Humpter Pro and the Humpter MH Stand. Now added to their range is this new smaller stylish booth called Humpter MOVE.

Available in two styles, Black (MOVE BL) and Wood (MOVE WD), the Black version is faced with a black plastic front (which could easily be branded for each event or a corporate logo added), and the Wood Effect (MOVE WD), faced with hand-finished wood elements. The grain of the natural wood means that each Humpter is unique.

An aluminium durable frame folds out on uniquely designed hinges as one unit, the top slots onto the recessed bars securing the unit, and with its low centre of gravity the basic structure seems sturdy enough to withstand most events. There are also adjustable feet which allow for extra stability, especially useful for those venues with uneven floors.

Humpter booths have quickly become known for their high-quality work surfaces, and the MOVE is no different. The plywood tabletop has a special scratch-resistant coat which means it will look good for years to come. This is especially useful as the booth is more open, bringing us closer to the dancefloor (when we are allowed near one!), different to traditional style booths that DJs seem to hide behind. And also good for wedding shows, or indeed any event where you want your audience to see your special DJ skills in action.

Humpter have even thought about your headphones with a built-in hanging bracket, although it was on the right-hand side of the booth, which is great if you have a CDJ setup, but I generally find that most controllers have the socket on the left, resulting in a cable trailing across the front of the booth (on the DJ side).

The company have obviously consulted with the ‘cable police’ as all their booths allow you to hide unsightly cables. There is a single opening on the tabletop, allowing you to route cables to the floor. If you are anything like me (OCD) then it’s very pleasing to the eye.

There is a plethora of optional extras for the MOVE from two optional plywood shelves (these just slot in before the top is added) to a laptop stand, padded carry bag and upright for the front of the booth.

The laptop stand comes in three sections and is held together with two thumb bolts. Personally, I think there are better and quicker options on the market, but for some, matching brands are important. The shelves and padded bag are well made and when packed you have a single carry case. If you prefer your equipment to be hidden then there is a small optional upright panel that can be added to the front of the booth, it simply slips onto the front of the tabletop.

The MOVE BL weighs in at around 19kg whilst the MOVE WD is slightly heavier at 25kg. Once constructed, it’s unbelievably sturdy - you have a working area of 1200mm (width) x 930mm (height) x 660mm (depth), large enough for most controllers on the market today.

I used it with a Pioneer DDJ-RX2 but it would also fit the DDJ-XZ, Denon DJ Prime 4 or even a set of CDJs and mixer or turntables. Once constructed, the MOVE has a maximum load capacity of 70kg which is more than enough for modern equipment.

Something you need to consider is lighting. There isn’t any way of connecting a lighting stand to the booth, so you need to add an independent lighting rig. Keep an eye out for the soon to be released Humpter MH Stand.

Personally, I’d like to see the BL and WD combined, allowing for maximum flexibility and meaning better value to Humpter’s customers, as they would get two booth options in one. Looking at how the frame and bespoke hinges work, I’m not sure that’s currently possible, but I think this would maximise the potential of this new booth style.

The basic model comes in at around £449 for the BL and £599 for the WD. Prices for optional extras are; padded bag, £99.99, the shelves are £79.99 each, and the upright panel is £49.99. There isn't currently a price for the laptop stand, though we are told that should be in the region of £75.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. The Humpter MOVE is a smart, quickly put together option for mobile DJs, and is also unbelievably sturdy.

Another great console from Humpter and a fantastic option for DJs looking to involve their dancefloor with their DJ sets. The ability to brand the black version could also prove to be a unique selling point, and I can see myself buying one as soon as events return to some form of normality.

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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 106, Pages 86-87.
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£25.00 (INC P&P)