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By Darrell Mallett.
I have been a DJ and music producer for 20 years and currently represent the Real Soundz mobile DJ company and was very pleased to be asked to review the Micker Pro UVS UV microphone steriliser for Pro Mobile. It is a product that is very pertinent to the times we are all living in and, having used this bit of kit for a few days now, I have to say how impressive it is.

For many people, UV sterilisation has often been a questionable method of maintaining good hygiene on surfaces. However, the ability of certain wavelengths of UV light (UV-C) to inactivate viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms is actually very well researched and documented. The technology is used in a wide variety of commercial applications from water treatment to healthcare, so there is no reason we – as professional DJs and entertainers – shouldn’t put it to use keeping our mics clean and safe to use. Indeed, Micker Pro's UK distributor, Q-Audio, provided me with certification and documentation to show how this product effectively neutralises many common types of bacteria and viruses, which is paramount in this day and age.

The UVS steriliser comes with a USB type-A to type-C cable to charge its onboard Lithium Ion battery, which can be done while the unit is in operation. It is also supplied with a fabric pouch to protect small items entering and damaging sensitive components whilst in transit. The UVS steriliser is designed to fit over practically all handheld microphones and I have also found that it can accommodate larger studio condenser mics. This makes it a handy all-round tool for sterilisation of all the microphones you own – or may purchase in the future – as opposed to purchasing different models for different types of mics.

It is constructed from a good quality hard plastic with a rubber insert to protect the microphone and hold it in place during use. It’s very easy to use with just a touch on the button-free wipeable top surface. Simply sit the device over your mic and wait for the pink light. Then push and hold the centre until the blue lights flash. Once that's done, the UVS will begin the UV sterilisation process. It takes just 5 minutes to sterilise a mic on a single cycle, so you can pop off, make a cuppa, come back and it's done! It's worth noting that the mic and steriliser MUST be in an upright position, with less than a 30° tilt angle, before starting the cycle otherwise the unit flashes a red LED and does not start the cycle. This is a built-in safety feature to prevent eye or skin damage from the UV rays during the sterilisation process.

Also featured on the top of the unit is a power indicator to let you know the UVS steriliser is ready for use, along with a handy indicator to show battery and charging status. A main On/Off slide switch is positioned on the side of the unit, alongside the USB power input for charging. The built-in 420mAh battery takes just two hours to charge and will last through five cycles on a full charge. As previously mentioned, you can sterilise while the USB-C cable is plugged in to the unit for situations where you constantly have microphones changing hands, like in a karaoke environment. For lighter-use situations, the battery gives you a little more freedom so you can even sterilise your mic while packing away your other gear. The UVS UV steriliser is perfect for karaoke hosts and mobile DJs alike, in fact anyone who uses microphones and supplies them for the use of party organisers and their guests. The UVS ensures that your microphones are clean, odour free and disinfected from any bacteria and viruses.

I would 100% recommend this product. I will be using it in the studio when I have recording sessions with singers and will also be carrying one for DJ gigs too. If there were just one small improvement I would make it would be an adapter to fit on the bottom to allow easier use with smaller-sized microphones, as I use a number of different small lavalier and shotgun style mics for voiceovers, videography and location sound engineering that I would also like to be able to sanitise. Other than that, this is a really good piece of equipment and will be a great tool for anyone constantly using various different microphones.
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 104, Pages 82-84.
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