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Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot
Audiences love confetti. But for years, the only option for mobile DJs has been to use expensive CO2/compressed air or pyrotechnic-based confetti cannons that, in order to be used in a public space, require certain safety precautions and often incur restrictions by venue management. So, when CHAUVET DJ announced its Funfetti Shot it was great news for mobile DJs but also an exciting prospect to have a confetti cannon that was fan-powered, but still capable of great results, available on the market.

The Funfetti Shot from CHAUVET DJ is a professional confetti launcher that offers a single-person setup and easy operation, making it well-suited to the needs of mobile DJs working parties, weddings and other special events. The key advantage of this system over others currently available is that the Funfetti Shot is fan-powered, rather than using compressed air or pyrotechnics, which means it comes at a smaller cost and is easier, as well as safer, to use.

Price isnt the only area in which the new machine excels, though: it shoots just as far as some CO2 and pyrotechnic models do, but doesnt burden you with the loud bang or the inconvenience of having to carry a heavy CO2 canister around with you. This is great for mobile DJs because it means you can use the machine at events where babies and small children are in attendance. With the pyrotechnic confetti cannons especially, there was always the concern that the bang would scare or wake-up youngsters, while you also needed to take all of the required safety precautions for using such potentially dangerous equipment in public. As a fan-powered machine, the Funfetti Shot is safer and quieter than its counterparts but just as effective.
The full reviewed can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 71, Pages 80-82.


£7.99 (INC P&P)