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Honing Your Social Media Strategy
Social media can work wonders for your DJ business, but it isn’t as spontaneous as it seems! In this article, you’ll find out why getting your strategy right is vital to success, as well as discovering different ways to achieve your goals, execute your strategy and measure its success…

The advantages of using social media for business are widely known. This article isn’t going to explain those advantages, but rather suggest some basics for implementing a social media strategy that will help you take your mobile DJ business to the next level, whether you’re an established name or you’ve just started out.

So, before you start posting pictures of cats and Instagramming your breakfast, you need to ask yourself what it is you want your social media efforts to achieve. Defining your goals before you begin will make things much easier in the long run and ensure that your mobile DJ business has an effective presence on social media, right from the word go.

Even the most ‘spontaneous’ business social media pages involve a plan. No matter how random, how quirky, how completely insane they might seem, it’s almost guaranteed that the people behind them have decided on their tactics before posting a single thing. You’ll need to do the same. And once your goals are set and your tactics decided, you’ll also need to establish how you can measure the success of your strategy. Just remember, ‘metrics’ don’t have to be as complex as they sound – and you certainly don’t need to be a social media marketing guru to measure the influence and reach of your DJ business.

So, what exactly are your goals? Well, this is something that will be personal to you and different for each and every business – after all, the great thing about social media is its flexibility and capacity for personalisation. However, to get you started, I’ve selected four common goals that businesses set themselves when using social media. We’ll explore which tactics suit each one and how best to measure their success. You may choose to aim for one specific goal or you may choose a combination. You may even choose them all. It’s all about what suits your business best…


OK, so here we aren’t talking the being-followed-to-the-shop-by-paparazzi type fame, but more an increased awareness of your mobile DJ business. You want to become known through your leadership and authority on social media, being the first to post, the first to share and first to comment. And you want to become established as a business that informs its customers and shares content relevant to them. Ultimately, when someone thinks ‘wedding host’ or ‘party DJ’ you want them to immediately think of you and your DJ services!

What tactics to use

To achieve this level of ‘fame’ you’ll first need to increase awareness of your business and maintain a position at the front of your followers’ minds! But it’s no good posting something relevant that really piques their interest and then never posting anything again – you need to stay at the front of their mind and always be popping up on their newsfeed, either with content that’s relevant and interesting to them or information that sells your services. Going hand in hand with this concept is the idea of being the first to share something interesting or the first to comment on your potential customers’ own posts. Top their comments, top their news feed, and you may well top their list when it comes to booking a DJ.

How to measure success

Firstly, you need to look at how influential you are. Do people retweet and share your content? Do they comment on your posts and like your photos? Do they mention you in tweets and ‘pin’ your posts? This measurement of how – and how much – your clients and potential clients interact with you is key to understanding how effective your social media strategy is and how ‘famous’ you are online.
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