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Reinvigorate yourself and your business with a New Year’s
health-kick designed for DJs!

Christmas… ‘Tis the season of over-indulgence. The season of drinking Bailey’s at breakfast, taking sneaky afternoon naps, and, of course, consuming your own weight in turkey and trimmings. It’s also a time when mobile DJs are incredibly busy providing entertainment at work parties, school discos and other festive celebrations – so it’s fair to say you deserve to put your feet up when the chance arises! However, while we aren’t here to force you onto the latest on-trend health plan for the New Year, we are here to show you how you can give your mobile DJ business a ‘detox’ to get it ready for a successful 2016...

Lead yourself not into temptation!
Like the leftover mince pies tucked away in the draw or the undrunk beer sitting in the fridge, temptations are hard to resist when they’re right there – and your social media accounts are the business equivalent! Facebook and Twitter promise enquires and bookings, but soon send you careering off course with personal updates and a newsfeed that sucks you in like a black hole. So, once you’re done checking business-related stuff, the simple solution is to turn off notifications, set your phone to silent or better still turn the device off altogether! No more checking your Twitter feed and no more pointless scrolling – you’ll get a lot more done.

Spend some time at home
OK, so you’ve conquered the temptation of social media. But unless you set aside a specific slot of time to work on moving your DJing business forward, you won’t actually get anything done. With no set plan, no routine, you’re more likely to procrastinate when you could be doing something useful! If you're a full-time DJ, try to set aside a couple of days to spend at home thinking things through and working out how you can grow your business in 2016. If you DJ part time then set aside three or four evenings, or a weekend, instead. Invites to the pub? Turn them down! Date night? Ask your partner to go out another night. As long as you use it effectively, this time spent home alone, without distractions, will be incredibly productive. And after a few days spent getting your ideas and priorities in order, it won't just be your business that benefits; you'll feel much better too.

Start the day right
Let’s face it, no one has time in their morning to ‘cleanse their mind’ with guided meditation CDs or yoga. And starting the day right doesn’t have to involve downing lemon juice or guzzling raw eggs! Instead, we suggest that you simply begin the day as you mean to go on – being organised, productive and positive. Instead of ‘cleansing’ your body, try ‘cleansing’ your inbox instead. Delete junk mail and old messages from your email account so that you can spend the rest of the day focused on dealing with what’s important.

Stay positive
Are you still positive? Still as excited about DJing now as you were when you started? Positivity is incredibly important for running a successful business, especially when you’re starting a brand new year. So, if you aren’t still passionate about the job, think about how you can rekindle the fire. What got you interested in DJing in the first place? If you can revisit this moment, there’s no doubt that you’ll find that excitement again, leaving you feeling positive about the year ahead…
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