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You Only Get One Chance To Make That First Impression
Mobile DJs play music at all kinds of events. Most parties will require some kind of announcements or introductions and often the DJ is expected to make them. Not everyone is comfortable using a microphone. Very few people like the sound of their own voice, especially when amplified through a public address system. So how can a novice DJ get to grips with what can be a daunting experience? More importantly, how can established DJs ensure that their announcements are heard clearly every time and that they always command an audience’s full attention?

Avoid basic mistakes

1] Conduct a sound check before anyone else arrives. Walk around the room and listen to yourself repeating a short sentence or counting numbers in order to check the clarity of your pronunciation. A wireless microphone is ideal for this. If you only have a wired microphone use an extension cable to get yourself out in front of your equipment.

2] Don’t shout into the microphone or hold it too close to your lips. The microphone head should be about a thumb’s length from your mouth, ideally situated just below your chin. This way, your whole face can be seen and you will be able to control the volume and tone of your words more easily.

3] Don’t mumble or think you can wing it. Speaking in public requires discipline. Everything you say needs to be short and concise. Thinking about what you need to say and scripting the words in advance will make the announcement more effective.

Tips to help you make that first introduction

At some point at an event the DJ will be expected to make an announcement. It may be to sing happy birthday, welcome an honoured guest, invite a bride and groom onto the dance floor or open the buffet. All of these announcements will be better received and more effective if the audience already knows you and is expecting you to say something. My suggestion would be to introduce yourself at the beginning of every event you are DJing. There is nothing worse than half-hearing a disembodied voice mumbling something and having no idea what is being said or what purpose is being served by the announcement.
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