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Second only to my love of music comes my love of films. I've collected movies for almost as long as I have music. From the 40s to the present day my collection is, like my music collection, eclectic to say the least. There's something truly magical about the big screen and over the years there have been some classic films and, in the same way that a classic song can be played again and again, so a great movie can be watched time after time. Over the years I've come to realise that a lot of film titles can quite aptly sum up the life of a DJ. Here are just a few that I've encountered during my DJ career:

Back to the Future
Returning from the classics - that have had everyone dancing - to the new stuff that empties the dance-floor apart from the three people in the room who had asked “Do you have anything up to date?”

Enter the Dragon
The moment you glance over and see that person arrive in the room and you know that he/she is going to be 'the one'!

The thing most DJs want to do at some point whilst dealing with the general public.

Top Hat
Cockney rhyming slang for a guest who is being a pain in the neck!

Groundhog Day
That feeling that you've been here before... many times! Usually at the end of your 20-date run of Christmas Party nights.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
The frantic search by a DJ for that classic track that they 'know they have'... but can't find despite digging for hours. It used to be vinyl, then CD and now digital files. Whatever your preferred playout format it will have happened to you: when only Indiana Jones could find that track you are searching for.
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