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Part Nine: The Big Picture
By Jim Cerone.
At university, I took a lot of film classes. We studied the mechanics of how movies are made. But mostly, we watched a whole lot of films. Much better than being trapped in a stuffy classroom, listening to a professor drone on endlessly, right?

Imagine were making a movie together, set in London. What is the first shot were going to need? Lets use a helicopter to film a big, sweeping panoramic view of the London skyline with Big Ben, the Eye, the Gherkin and everything along the Thames.

In cinematic terms, this is called an Establishing Shot. It gives the viewer a reference point. It helps them know where the action is going to take place. It provides a sense of perspective.

In this article series, we are working our way through the top 10 list of senses you need to be the Perfect Host. By identifying, developing and using these 10 senses, you will make perfect sense at every event. Number 9 is your Sense of Perspective.

As mobile DJs, its very easy for us to get tunnel vision. We drive to a venue, set up our kit, try to get people to dance, pack up and drive home. We believe we are successful when we repeat this process as often as possible. While this approach may work for a while, to be truly remarkable and thus truly successful, what we need is a healthy sense, or dose of perspective.
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