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The 14th of March was the day we received the sad news that Mobile Beat 2020 was going to be cancelled. I was devastated that I wasn’t going to have the opportunity to present to my peers in Las Vegas at the final Mobile Beat with Ryan Burger at the helm. Then we got the news that everything was going virtual. So I began scrambling to figure out how to do my presentation virtually as a webinar with potentially even more DJs from around the world logging in to watch this, now free, event.

So how did this compliment come into play? Well, on day one of the virtual Mobile Beat show, I was watching the live stream along with my fellow DJs from wherever they were in the world, quarantined in their homes. During the breaks I would post on social media and comment on friends’ posts on Facebook. I came across a fellow DJ’s post here in Utah, DJ Brady Mac. He simply posted a photo of his virtual setup for streaming music. It looked great, so I was very complimentary.

That’s it, I just kept it positive during a time when DJs had their world crashing down on them. Shortly after, he called me on the phone. We started talking about the difficulties we were witnessing on day one of the virtual conference from video to audio issues. He said to me, “you know your presentation doesn’t have to be that way. Why don’t we set up a virtual studio tomorrow morning before the conference starts?” He had the equipment and suggested I call another local DJ, Jason, who had the space at his house where we could setup a studio. Why was Brady so eager to help? Well, I can’t speak for him. But I think it was a lot to do with my positive comment about his setup… although I know he was excited to use his new video mixer for streaming and this would be the perfect opportunity, so that may have been part of the reason too!
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 103, Pages 66-67.