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In our current digital world, one of the best ways you can get the attention of potential clients, show them what you can do and even close sales is through the use of video. Video captures emotions and can show what you have to offer in a much more tangible way than simply relying on images and text on your website or talking about what you have to offer yourself in a meeting.

Paying for a professional videographer to create beautiful video content for your business is sure to be a worthwhile investment, but if you don’t have the budget for that there are plenty of resources out there that will help you stand out using video with very little outlay. Dedicated platforms – such as YouTube and Vimeo – also make it very easy to host your video online, while social media is a great tool for getting it seen by your prospective customers.

The first step in using video to sell your business is to get hold of some good quality footage of you in action. You can do this in a variety of ways: hire a professional, work with the videographers at your events or bring along your own camera. However you do it, just get that video!

In my opinion, based on my experience, working with the videographers at events is the best way to go. They have already been paid to be there, and will often be happy to let you have the footage in exchange for a credit on the finished video to help with their own marketing efforts.

I often collaborate with my videographers on collecting footage. I will give them access to my mixer and audio feeds for their videos. I contact them afterwards to let them know the music I used throughout the event, so that they can use key songs as part of the soundtrack of the finished edit they create for the client. I also give them a ‘heads up’ every time something is about to happen. By working with them and befriending them they then make me look good, are happy to let me have their professional-quality footage showing me in action and may even refer me to future clients as they know I will make their life easier on the day!
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