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How To Get More Client Reviews By Changing How, When and Where You Ask
Online reviews are critical in today’s world for any small business. The mobile DJ industry is no exception. When a potential client is looking for our services, what past clients have said about us will carry much more weight than any manufactured marketing message we could contrive. I would even argue that if your reviews aren’t strong enough, you may not even be in the conversation as a potential option for many clients. So how can you ensure a steady flow of glowing reviews in all the various places where they are posted? Here are my top tips:

1) Find out where your clients prefer to leave reviews and lead them there...

In my business, we determine this location in one of two ways. We can sometimes tell where a client prefers to leave reviews by tracking the source of their initial enquiry on our website client intake form. For instance, if they use Google reviews and found us that way, why not ask them to review us there rather than sending them to a place they aren’t familiar with? The second way we determine their review site of choice is by simply asking them. We put this on our ‘client information’ sheet and ask again at our creative planning consultation (where we sit down with the client and go through their event). If they use multiple review services, we’ll send them to the one where we have the least amount of reviews, to bring up our total at that review location up.

2) Remove the word ‘review’ as much as possible from your company’s language...

Asking someone to “leave a review” can feel like a chore to a client simply by the way you phrase it. We now refer to it as “sharing your experience”. That slight adjustment feels much more genuine. The ‘ask’ might sound something like this: “Many of our clients tell us that one of the most important deciding factors in choosing us was reading the experiences past clients had with us. With that in mind, would you be willing to share your experience so that others may benefit from your honest assessment?” How much better does that sound then saying, “Can you leave us a review?”. Though they may not verbalize it to you, I guarantee phrasing it this way is very disarming.

3) Change when you ask for the review...

I would guess that 95% of DJs ask for a review after the event. I don’t have hard numbers to back up this claim, but just about every DJ I talk to does it that way. We’ve changed when we ask for reviews, and it’s resulted in a big increase in the number we receive. We now make the ‘ask’ at the end of our creative planning meeting (it’s important to ask their permission). Here’s the verbiage we’ll typically use (keep in mind this is not a script and we tweak it to suit each client):

“I couldn’t help but notice that you found us on Facebook. When you selected our company, was any part of that decision based on what past clients shared about working with us? [They almost always say yes!] Well, I can’t begin to tell you how many past clients have sat in that exact seat you are in and said the same thing. If it’s OK with you, once the event is over, I’d like to send you an e-mail with a link asking you to share your experience of working with us. In the same way it was helpful for you, it will not only help other couples who are considering us but it will also help our company in getting a real sense of if we are hitting the mark. I’m not asking for anything more than an honest assessment. Would you be willing to help me (us) out with that?”

Not only do they always say yes, but often they will ask us to send them the link right then – their experience with us to date has been that good!

If you have never tried these things, I encourage you to give it a go. I think you’ll see a huge increase in the number of reviews you receive, just as we have. If I can help you in anyway, please feel free to reach out.
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