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Speakers Announced for Pro Mobile Conference 2016!
Ahead of the 2016 Pro Mobile Conference in February, Pro Mobile has announced a full line-up of speakers, giving mobile DJs a sneak peek at what to expect from next year’s event! From ex-poker stars to internationally renowned weddings DJs, the educational programme features a range of professional speakers from both inside and outside of the industry.

The two-day Pro Mobile Conference will take place from Sunday the 28th to Monday the 29th of February, giving mobile DJs from across the UK and beyond a chance to learn, network and check out the latest products from top brands. With an expansive educational programme lined up, Pro Mobile has now announced a full list of speakers and keynote sessions.

Having spoken at the Pro Mobile Conference before – to widespread acclaim! – Randy Bartlett will return to offer delegates an insightful keynote session titled ‘Transitions’. During this seminar the renowned American wedding host will explore why ‘great transitions’ are the key to smooth-flowing events, enabling mobile DJs to keep guests connected and engaged. Randy will not only look at what makes a transition good or bad, but also provide delegates with specific techniques that will earn them referrals and extra bookings!

Randy will also join fellow returning speaker Peter Merry for an exclusive joint-lead keynote session, which will see the pair of renowned US speakers working together for the first time ever. Peter – a market-leading mobile DJ and trainer – will also present his own session, looking at the issue of ‘Innovation Vs. Imitation’. This brand new seminar will look at how some of the most innovative companies in the world have become market leaders now imitated by others, explaining to delegates why innovation should be a fearless, ongoing process.

Four brand new speakers will also bring their expert knowledge to the Conference Theatre at the 2016 Conference, with internet psychologist Graham Jones, professional mentalist Gilan Gork, former poker star Caspar Berry, and entrepreneur, TV presenter and Apprentice star Katie Bulmer-Cooke all joining the bill.

Ever wondered what customers are looking for when they use the web? Does your website ‘clear the dance-floor’? In a talk quite like no other, author Graham Jones will explain how people behave online and what makes them either stay or leave your website, as he shows you how to make your website more engaging. Also touching on psychology, but this time looking at ‘the business of body language’, Gilan Gork’s seminar will look at the importance of clear non-verbal communication and offer some techniques for detecting what others are thinking and feeling, no matter what they’re saying.

Caspar Berry may also have some knowledge reading people’s body language, having been a successful poker player! In his session on risk taking and decision making, Caspar he will look at the positive side of risk, using poker as his metaphor as he encourages delegates to assess risk, understand how it works and embrace its inevitability in the world of business and entertainment. Meanwhile, completing the line-up, Katie Bulmer-Cooke will use her down-to-earth presentation style and experience in business and TV to offer delegates some ‘PR lessons from the boardroom’, covering marketing, sales, PR and social media strategy. How can mobile DJs take this advice and apply it to their businesses? This session will give delegates loads of take-home ideas that will bring about positive change!

For a more information on the Pro Mobile Conference 2016 and to book your place head to the Conference website (below).
Published: 28 December 2015
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