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KAM MoonCluster
Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed a design trend that really is beginning to take off: DJ lighting that is capable of producing two or more different effects out of just one box! One such new product from Kam, the MoonCluster, takes a classic tried and tested Derby design and adds a laser to give you a bit more variety from your lightshow.

The Derby lighting effect has certainly been around for as long as I have been DJing, and a few years more than that I would expect, yet it continues to be a popular effect due to its fairly simple design, unique visual appearance and room-filling capabilities. The effect involves a moving coloured light-source projected through an array of lenses to create a blaze of many moving coloured beams of light that spread out over a wide area. Despite being old school, this style of effect is still hanging in there and in recent times we’ve seen it upgraded from halogen lamps to LEDs, which thankfully means the fixtures now weigh far less that their 20-year-old counterparts! Kam have then taken the effect a step further with the MoonCluster, integrating the style of ‘cluster’ laser for which they are well-known innovators.

Opening the box you get the unit, a manual, an IEC lead with a UK plug and, surprisingly, an infrared remote control. I really didn’t expect that to be honest. The remote is really quite useful and offers a ton of different functions. You can use it to very easily put the MoonCluster into standby, enable DMX control, choose between the different built-in shows, and choose from one of the 15 pre-set LED colours as well as the three laser colour options. You can also turn sound to light mode on and off and vary the effect speed - a very useful piece of kit indeed.

On the front of the MoonCluster you’ll find six rows of six frosted lenses through which the powerful 30W RGBW LED sends out its beams of light. As the light-source is RGBW, some really cool colours will mix together in mid-air adding variety to your lightshow, however when the beams hit the wall all you will see is four coloured dots (red, green, blue and white) arranged in a square. The MoonCluster’s wide-angle design means the LED source is more than capable of filling a small room on its own, while it can be used in multiples - or alongside other fixtures - for a bigger lightshow in larger spaces.
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