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Mobile DJ Mindset
Preparing Yourself Mentally to Give Your Best Performance Every Time

As entertainers our only true unique selling point is ourselves. However, when DJs meet up in person or congregate online, the talk and debate usually focuses on the latest equipment, how neat and tidy someone’s rig is, and the dreaded pricing topic. It is perhaps surprising that we generally place very little focus on ourselves. We are tasked by our clients to be responsible for entertaining them and their guests, being the very life and soul of the party. So what do you do to ensure that you are in the peak mental state possible to do this at every gig?

Having been plagued by depression throughout my life, I became fascinated by the fact that I, almost subconsciously, took on an alter ego when performing. This led me to seek out ways of bringing that energy, passion and verve into my every day existence.

I have since devoted my life to understanding this and passing on my learnings to others, forming my coaching business ‘Your Future Self’. I have worked with footballers, singers and business owners, each with their own unique challenges and goals.

On this journey, I have learned that how you interpret events in your life is very much dependent on your frame of mind at a given point in time. For example, in a DJing context, if someone approaches you whilst you are DJing and asks “can you play something we can dance to?” if you are in the wrong frame of mind, this may knock your confidence and lead to you feeling bad. This in turn could negatively affect your performance leading to a downward spiral. On the other hand, if you are in a positive mood, and engage the guest with enthusiasm, while remaining confident that you know exactly what you are doing, the outcome is likely to be the complete opposite.

On a personal level, as a performer, I now understand exactly what I am required to do to ensure I am in the peak mental state before I perform. I’d strongly encourage you to do the same. The first thing I always recommend is analysing your habits. Your life is basically a sum total of your habits and decisions. Therefore, habits are here to stay. However, it is your choice if they are positive or negative habits.

With all of my coaching clients, I get them to commit to five daily positive habits, which project them toward higher standards and their goals. I’d always recommend that some form of physical exercise is included within these five habits, as motion creates emotion.

If we take this simple concept and apply it specifically to DJing, what habits do you currently have before each gig? Truly take time to consider this, picture the lead up to a gig and observe your behaviours and habits.
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