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"There are too many cheap DJs!"

"Today's millennial brides only want a price quote by email."

"The field of education for DJs is getting too crowded."

Our industry is filled with an abundant supply of whiney whining whiners who love infecting others with their negative assertions while playing the victim card to explain their own inability to get ahead. They complain about the cheesiness of cheesy cheese-ball DJs who are "ruining the business" and "hurting their perceived value" while in the same breath decrying the "deluded" DJs who are wasting their money on performance workshops and educational conferences.

Stuart Smalley (Al Franken's Saturday Night Live self-help character) says that, "Whining is just anger coming out of a very small opening."

Ron Ruth ( says, "No amount of pontification, provocation, denunciation, castigation, medication, or even an association can replace a personal or professional dedication to education."

Every moment wasted on whining and complaining is a moment that could have been invested in finding ways to leave your competition behind while building demand for your unique innovations.

"What unique innovations?" you might be asking. But if the lion's share of your attention was focused on developing new ideas and levels of service to exceed your client's expectations instead of wasting time wrestling with the hateful hate-filled haters, you would already have the answers you seek.

Let the haters hate. Let the whiners whine. Let the losers lose. Re-define what you do, how you do it, and why you do it... and you will soon leave their negatively negative negativity behind.

In the words of Henry Ford (some guy who made a few cars), "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right!"

Those who consistently re-define in the arenas of entertainment, technology, and service offerings are known as the innovators in their fields. They are often quickly imitated, but rarely are they seen getting surpassed or replaced by their imitators. Why? Because they shirk the temptation to whine about their imitators and instead focus their energies on re-defining by developing newer and better innovations.

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